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A guided male self-improvement system to achieve happiness in your life, career and relationships.

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Don’t Be a Victim 

I follow politics in the U.S. as well as in several bigger European countries and I want to share the following observation: It's becoming extremely bizarre and entertaining at the same time.

Help a Brother 

Something really awesome happened to me that I wanted to share with you guys: A random stranger reached out to me and, at no cost to him, provided me with valuable help to my main business.

Physical Well-Being 

Our lives are increasingly sedentary. Yours, mine, and across most of the globe. At first glance, that’s great. We have mastered technologies that our ancestors only could dream of, and they make our lives unbelievably comfortable compared to any other generation of humans on this planet. As you know however, every upside has its downside – there is a cosmic balancing force, expressed in the physical principle of action & reaction.