What’s The Value of Male Self-Improvement?

If you ended up on this website, you made the first step of improving your life.

First, you will hear about the concept of self-improvement. This will give you an idea about the Inner Warrior Circle and how I understand self-improvement for men.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway boils it down very well.

When I think back on conversations I had with old friends couple years back, one thing that stood out to me was how I was speaking differently than my friends about our pasts and futures.  

Some of my friends were still focused on their own past than on where they were going (this might be one of the reasons why our paths split as we got older). One particular person, let’s call him Marcus, kept referring to his happy childhood, again and again – while he was already in his mid-20’s. To me, that seemed like an unproductive use of our time – I preferred to talk about plans and what lay ahead.

I always felt the future needed my focus the most, in order to get where I wanted to be in life. Complaining about or idolizing the past seemed futile to me. Especially since my friends who did so were also cementing habits that made their future worse (i.e. heavy drinking, drugs, etc.). Looking back, I realized unproductive thinking and unproductive habits are very closely related and can make or break a person.

Anyway, that tangent leads right to the heart of this article – why is self-improvement important?

During our youth, self-improvement is what we do naturally. From babbling babies who can’t even move their bodies to young humans who walk and talk – our first 14 to 16 years of life are marked by incredible improvements of our abilities. I see it in my own two sons, too. Not a day passes where a new ability or improved ability shines through, which is unbelievably amazing to see as a father.

With adulthood, this natural self-improvement slows down, and the questions is: Why don’t most people continue this natural process on their own?

I think most young people from ages 16 to 18 grow tired of school. This is a pity, since elements of the schooling system are very similar to self-improvement (i.e. physical exercise, learning new information and applying it, etc.). However, instead of getting motivated to learn and grow after school was over, I felt discouraged from pursuing self-improvement for several years after graduating. I was happy having my paper degree and wanted to do anything but do sports or continue learning.

Ok, enough backstory, what is my path of self-improvement that I carved out over the last ten years?

As you see on the IWC-homepage, the program is three-fold:

Body – Physical Exercise, Nutrition, Habits of Consumption (Alcohol, Nicotine, other Drugs), Genetics, Vitamins, Supplements…

Mind – Your Goals and Aspirations, Ideas about Yourself, Job & Career, Entrepreneurship…

Spirit – Your Relationships, Love Life, Dating Life, Family Life, Goals in that area, and again your self-image in these areas…

Based on my life experience, I am deeply convinced everything happens for a reason.

People do not magically end up in bad relationships (or bad jobs, etc.). Their choices lead them to where they are. It is a very unproductive mindset to believe nothing can be done about your current situation. Because it can be changed. Here I do not mean a quick fix like quitting your job on a whim when you are especially pissed at your boss and then stumbling into a new one to cover your bills.

Rather, being conscious about your goals in each area of your life is the very first step of realizing your true potential and unlocking the future you want to have.

This is, in a nutshell, the very philosophy of the Inner Warrior Circle. I will expand more on each idea we mention here in future articles, so make sure to bookmark this blog.

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