What is the Inner Warrior Circle?

If you are reading this there is a good chance you have a passing interest in self-improvement. If you read a couple of blog posts, you will get a rough idea of who I am. Matthias, Entrepreneur, father of two. But what exactly do I do over here at the Inner Warrior Circle? The briefest way I can explain it is two-fold: It starts with a basic training program to get you from zero to 50% in a few months, and it continues through a mastermind support system for the most dedicated among you.

The basic training contains three paid modules, each taking around 3 months to complete. The training is guided, but relies on you to take action.

The 3 modules are:

Body – In this module you will receive a proven strength training programme, combined with a diet suggestion to get you trim. You will also get advice on which doctors to visit and which tests to do with them in order to understand your health situation before jumping into the training. If you have no training experience I suggest you to invest in a gym membership and a personal trainer (at least for 3-5 times) in order to learn proper exercise form. If you follow through on this you look and feel much better by the end of 90 days.

Mind – This module is the most important one, in my opinion. It will help you to get an unbiased view on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as forcing you to take a stance on what you want out of life. It is so important since most men today are drifting along where friends and family push them, and most end up at stuck like flotsam at an island they never wanted to go to. This module will also help you get started in a side-business that will form the basis of enabling you to leave your day-job, if you so choose. And if you don’t want to become self-employed? Then the IWC (Inner Warrior Circle) is most likely not for you. Employment is a horribly outdated concept of the past and in my humble opinion, the recent crisis should make it clear that you can lose employment at any time, for any reason. To most companies and organizations, employees are a nuisance. You cannot be happy if your main source of income considers you a nuisance. This is my basic philosophy and I strongly encourage you getting started with additional income sources. Even if you are turned off by anything else in this program, I really hope to drive this point home: Do not rely on a job as your only income, or you will be very miserable.

Spirit – This program is the least important, yet essential in the long run. It concerns your dating & love life. Most men will frown at the idea that women come last in their life priorities, but I assure you that this is a very conscious decision on my end. Why? Because most men have very outdated ideas of how dating (and women) function in the 21st century, and most men are very good getting into miserable or subpar partnerships. Too many men are happy to “hand over” the steering wheel in their relationship in an ill-conceived attempt to satisfy their woman’s increasing unhappiness in their relationship. Example: You have been seeing each other for some months and things are getting more serious. However, your girl starts to bring up irritating things about her former partners, or she demands you to quickly move forward in the relationship, or “you might lose her”.  Sound familiar? In this module you will learn the underlying dynamics most men are too blind to see and learn to stop self-sabotaging. It will be much easier to do so, however, once the two other modules are behind you, therefore this will be the last module you should be taking.

What’s the purpose of this structure? I realized that most men lack in 1-2 areas mentioned above, thus I trust you to pick the module you really need help with. If you are not sure where to start, you can always get in touch via the contact form at the ICW-homepage (innerwarriorcircle.com).

And what about the mastermind I mentioned above? Once we have you at a stage where you are not a miserable and can look at yourself with some pride, it is important to bring you together with other success-oriented males at a similar stage. Those masterminds revolve around different topics and happen each week for around 90 minutes. They are paid on a monthly basis and will make you accountable before a group of peers. I really believe in the concept and have seen incredible transformations come through it. Such a mastermind will bring you so much closer to your goals than anything else, so it is really the most important part of the IWC. If you have any questions or want to join, get in touch via the main page.

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