Help a Brother

Today’s post is not what I planned it to be. I was planning on detailing how men nowadays are increasingly dissatisfied with their employment, especially if they are working a corporate or office job. And this post will come most likely next Friday.

However, something really awesome happened to me that I wanted to share with you guys: A random stranger reached out to me and, at no cost to him, provided me with valuable help to my main business.

I know, it sounds a bit out there, and my first assumption would be to be distrustful (and I was a bit apprehensive at first). But that just shows how most men have forgotten how important mentorship and unconditional help are – and how rare those qualities have become. It’s also true that most men (no matter their age) have, due to playing it safe for their whole lives, do not have a lot of valuable insight to share in the first place.

But I am going off on a tangent here, and if you are reading this far, the story piqued your interested. So, what happened exactly?

I was attending a live webinar of a blogger I regularly read and he was introducing a new business course he had developed. In the course of the webinar I was putting out a few questions, and since I was posting under my real, full name, one of the other viewers decided to look up my name on LinkedIn and actually reached out to me. At first I felt distrustful and suspected some kind of scam, but on the other hand, him being a reader of the same blogger, it created a basic dynamic of trust. And from that onwards we had a brief exchange on business and openly asked me if he could help me. Looking at his profile I could tell he was serious: He had technical degrees from a high-class university, has been working in his country’s armed forces in a consultative function, and is currently working in the high-tech industry. I was honestly intimated that such an achieving individual would be reaching out to me, a young-ish entrepreneur half across the globe. But then again, I sensed that he was genuine in his desire to help another man progress in business. So I told him about what I felt was most important in my main business, and to my surprise, he put out a long list of things that could help me! On top of that, his tips were actually valuable for what I needed (how to generate more warm leads in my video production business, if you’re curious).

I thanked him for his tips and I also really meant it. This man had reached out to me and had gone out his way to help a random stranger on the internet. This mindset of men helping each other progress in business with no strings attached is such a rare gem in today’s world, and I am very thankful it happened to me. I encourage everyone reading to do same, if possible for you, and this alone will make someone’s life better. And he, in turn, will help someone else.

That’s really it for today’s post, so let’s call it a “Help a Brother”-day and let’s go out and make the world a better place, step by step.

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